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Software Engineer

About Me

Kirsten Westeinde is a technology enthusiast and a lifelong learner. She is a senior software engineer at Shopify, where she solves challenging web development problems every day. She has worked with Ruby on Rails for ~5 years, and is constantly adding new tools to her technology tool belt.


She is passionate about building diverse teams, mentoring & teaching, and gaining new perspectives through travel & cross cultural communication. She loves to share her learnings through public speaking and writing.


Work Experience

December 2017 - Today

Senior Software Developer @ Shopify 

(San Francisco)

Working on a high throughput machine learning recommendation system. Using Go to power a high volume system.

February 2015 - December 2017

Software Developer @Shopify

(Ottawa, Canada)

Web developer using Ruby on Rails, ElasticSearch, MySQL, and Kafka. Built multiple apps integrating with the Shopify API. 

Summer 2013 & Summer 2014

Intern Software Developer @Shopify

(Ottawa, Canada)

Web development using Ruby on Rails & iOS mobile development in Objective C

Summer 2012

Intern Software Developer @ Ross Video

(Ottawa, Canada)

C++ Development working on the Carbonite video switcher

Summer 2011

Intern Software Developer @ Macadamian Technologies

(Ottawa, Canada)

- PHP/Javascript web development, integrating with Salesforce

- Data organization using Google Apps Script



June 2019, Toronto CA

Shopify Unite - Deconstructing the Monolith


April 2019, New York NY

The Lead Developer - Deconstructing the Monolith


February 2019, Oakland CA

Developer Week - From 0 to ML: Everything You Need to Know To Start Your First Machine Learning Project

June 2018, Nairobi Kenya

RubyConf Kenya - Deconstructing the Monolith: Designing Software that Maximizes Developer Productivity



June 2018, San Francisco CA

Fog City Ruby - Deconstructing the Monolith: Designing Software that Maximizes Developer Productivity

May 2018, Portland OR

ML4All - Using Your Data to Give Your Customers Superpowers



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